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    Auto Fire Drill
  • Firemen
    Firemen Fighting Fire
  • House Fire
    House Fire Close-Up
  • Highway Auto Fire
    Van Fire With Emergency Arriving On Scene
  • Barn Fire
    Barn Fire

The FireSuppress Team

Jerry Kelso

Born and raised in Southern California where he started his career as a Reserve Firefighter with San Clemente Fire Department. He studied fire science and graduated the fire academy at Santa Ana College in 1982 where he later became an adjunct instructor. Jerry also attended Fire/Rescue School at Chanute AFB, Cogswell College, Columbia Southern University and the National Fire Academy in Maryland. His vast range of experience comes from both Military and Municipal Fire Departments to include MCAS El Toro, Nellis AFB and Boulder City Fire Department. Jerry held certifications in Incident Command System ICS, Company Officer, Level-II Instructor, Structural Firefighting, Hazardous Materials, Wild Land and Air Craft Rescue Firefighting (ARFF), to name a few. Jerry's thirty years in the Fire Service was spent on a first out class A engine responding to all types of emergencies. He was also a Fire Instructor and Training Officer. Jerry retired in 2012 and now resides in Texas.

Adrianne James

Adrianne attended the University of Colorado Boulder where she received a BA and Masters degree. In 2005, Adrianne became the Chief Operations Officer at EnviroSpecialists, Inc. She was responsible for the development, design, operation and improvement of EnviroSpecialists and all of it's products. In addition to keeping operations efficient, she was responsible for managing resources, distributing product and assisting all customers. In 2008, Adrianne and her company, WaterMax, took over and expanded a product called RainDrops. An all natural solution that when mixed with water, breaks down the surface tension of the water, allowing it to penetrate into the ground faster meaning less water will be lost to evaporation and runoff. Initially a lawn and garden product, after being tested and approved by Texas A&M University, WaterMax moved RainDrops into the agriculture world. WaterMax continued to develop other all natural water conservation products. With the help of cotton farmers and fire fighters in California, Nevada and Texas, FireSuppress was created.