• FireSuppress by WaterMax Auto Fire
    Auto Fire Drill
  • Firemen
    Firemen Fighting Fire
  • House Fire
    House Fire Close-Up
  • Highway Auto Fire
    Van Fire With Emergency Arriving On Scene
  • Barn Fire
    Barn Fire

Welcome to the FireSuppress Website

We at WaterMax LLC would like to thank you for the opportunity to introduce ourselves and our new fire foam, FireSuppress. WaterMax LLC has been working with America's farmers for many years. We have been committed to helping our farmers make every drop of water count through this devastating drought. WaterMax LLC is devoted to producing and delivering innovative ways for industries to conserve water while enhancing productivity.

With the help of cotton farmers and firefighters in California, Nevada and Texas, FireSuppress was developed. FireSuppress is a class A and B foam. FireSuppress will not harm equipment. It is a non-corrosive, non-toxic, pH neutral, and environmentally safe fire foam. FireSuppress rapidly reduces the surface tension of water and allows it to penetrate rapidly into matted or dense materials suppressing the fire quickly while conserving water and limiting exposure time.

With over ninety years of combined experience used to develop FireSuppress, we at WaterMax LLC stand behind our product and look forward to serving you with what we consider to be a great fire fighting tool no fire department should be without.

Adrianne James